No More Picky-Picky

No More Picky-Picky

Put the Magic Lint Lifter to Work in Your Laundry Room!

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Product Details

What is No More Picky-Picky?

No More Picky-Picky, aka The Magic Lint Lifter, is a tool to help you quickly clean your dryer filter without picking lint! It prevents lint buildup that could cause fires and interfere with dryer efficiency. Fits most filters and will stick from either side of your dryer, walls and cabinets.

How it Works

  • Step 1—Stick it to either side of your dryer, to the wall, or to a cabinet. No screws, nails, drilling, or gluing—just stick it!
  • Step 2—After your dryer runs, remove the lint-covered filter
  • Step 3—Insert the lint filter into the top of No More Picky-Picky and pull it out! Now your filter is clean, clean, clean! You’ll never have to touch lint again, andit’s fast!

No More Picky-Picky Video