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Brand New, Innovative, Patented  Products!

  • Consumer oriented
  • Houseware, Electrical, and Outdoor products
  • Priced from 24.95 to 29.95 plus shipping
  • Easy online orders
  • Products shipped directly to buyer

A Completely New Market for Inventors!

Help Schools Make Money

Traditional school fundraising has focused on products like candy, baked goods, and coupon books, or services like car washes. All were devised and perfected before the Internet was widely available.

Our mission is to leverage the Internet to help schools make money and fund programs and activities that benefit students in the 21st century.

To do that, we’re calling on inventors in the areas of housewares, electronics, and outdoor equipment to partner with us and help us fulfill our mission.

Your products solve problems, a new and innovative idea in school fundraising. Your exclusive access to our product catalog ensures that you can participate in this great, new market opportunity!

Contact us today to see how your product can get into our As Seen In School Product Catalog!

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